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Deluge of photos from an old friend. [30 Jun 2014|04:31pm]
Hi All!

It's been a while since I was here, or even posted. I have missed you dreaded folks!  I wonder if LJ is done reformatting for a little while.

I'm in Southern Colorado these days. Enjoying my life in a new relationship - a transition which came complete with moving-in together, and it's all been so sudden. I finally have internet again, after three years of traveling that really prohibited LJ time. I have yet to read through the past few months to get caught up with what's new here, but, "Hi, my name is Morgan, and I like you people."

I have amassed some hair photos, more, more recently, because there has been more significant change in the passed two months than others.  I posted a LARGE amount of photos.  I miss you guys.

The new boyfriend and me, on a trip to Nederland and Boulder.  Dreads six months.

So many pictures. Forgive me.Collapse )
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