July 18th, 2014

I guess i'll chime in

My dread story is kind of a weird and tragic one. I couldn't find anyone to help me out with it. At the time I was living in Ireland, and evidently there is only one girl in the entire country that does dreads and she was booked solid.

So I went to a Nigerian salon and paid way too much money to have a guy torture my scalp for 7 hours.
They started to come undone the next day so I went to a second salon and had some ladies use a second technique to get them together again. Also very painful. They used thread to hold them together. And were about to slather them all in wax before I stopped them.

Anyway so then I stopped making terrible decisions and have been trying to just maintain them on my own until I can find someone to help me out. (Right now I live in the San Francisco bay area) Right before I left I also had a friend in Ireland put in some extensions made by another friend a year ago.  My hair's got a lot of character, is what I tell myself.

This is the length we're talking about beforehand.


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