October 21st, 2014


Starting second set of dreads, EYE ON THE PRIZE.

I chopped my precious locks almost exactly 5 years ago. The past year I've made and worn synthetic dreads, which only pushed me further into a want of real, soft lockums.

So after having the synth dreads in for 60 days and having to politely answer "is that your real hair?" with "no, but I used to have dreads like this," I decided I needed to get away from feeling plastic.

Pros of the synth dreads: They were lightweight, adjustable, very realistic looking, and gave me instant long locks! Also I love that the colors were very bright so I could do rainbow hair.
Cons of the synth dreads: I didn't like how scratchy they felt on my shoulders, my hair would lock up and twist at the base and when I wanted to remove them it felt like combing out dreads all over again. There would be a pile of hair and I noticed a definite change in my scalp follicle density.

First to feel less fake, I added some of my old dreads which I cut off before back into my hair. So then I could answer "half of them are mine, half I made." That felt more genuine, but still not enough.

After I removed the synth dreads for my summer look I had mini 3 inch tight locks and then 4 or 5" of soft hair. So I decided to try something strange and new. I wanted to bleach the ends, perm them so they would be curly, then do some maintennence on the new baby dreads. So far I've done the bleach and I just curl the ends 4 or 5 at a time and the style takes minutes to complete.

So here is my new look! And these baby dreads make me feel pretty grungy. I wore a hat for the first year of my dreads before because they were so thin, fuzzy, and I found them unattractive. Now I have a preschool job so I can't look like a homeless college student anymore.

So here's what I'm working with now, goddess save me....

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