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NOT DEAD YET, a timeline. [19 Nov 2014|11:42am]

My name is Manda. I supposed I am a recovered LJ addict, used to hang around here and write no-poo tutorials but I fell off the face of the Earth and climbed back on in other places.

While I refer people to gudu on probably a monthly basis, I just haven't gotten back into checking LJ or posting. But, yesterday I popped in to stretched with a question and decided that I should probably make a post here just to update everyone. Gudu has been such an influential part of my dreads, bodymods, and friend circles (online and off) that I can't just straight up quit it. So, here's my timeline in two acts.

The Before TimesCollapse )

Onwards and UpwardsCollapse )

So yeah, I'm home now and still figuring my life out. Where is everyone, what are you doing? Feel free to derail this post, I want to catch up with anyone and everyone.

You can still find me on tumblr but I'm up for migrating if you guys have a better place. I'm also on instagram @saffaux.

If you like cool yarn and craft stuff you can also find me at http://tastelessdesigns.etsy.com (still named for my old handle), http://www.facebook.com/tastelessdesigns, and on instagram @tastelessdesigns.
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