April 18th, 2015

washing methods

Its been a long time for me! I was inactive on LJ for a few years but I've come back around. Sad to see this comm isn't as active as it used to be, so I figured I'd post to help out with that a bit.

So, I had dreads for like 5 years but lost them a couple years ago when I was sick/on chemo. I primarily washed with baking soda + vinegar rinse, with the deep clean occasionally. When I cut and combed the dreads out, I was kind of disturbed by the amount of lint and sebum stuck in them. I recall reading another person post about the same experience when they cut theirs.

The past couple years without dreads, I have continued to not use shampoo. I just do water-only washes and occasionally use an egg yolk when water won't cut it. I still get sebum and lint, but it is removed with a comb, and I can see it in the teeth of the comb, exactly the stuff that was stuck inside my dreads. And its not like I have an abnormal amount - I usually go a week or so between washes and it doesn't look crazy greasy. Just healthy.

I've been contemplating getting dreads again, but one of the things holding me up a bit is this sebum/lint build up. I know I could just live with it, but, I kinda think it made my dreads a little duller, and it grosses me out a bit. And I definitely love NOT using shampoo, so I don't want to go that route.

Anyone care to input how they deal with this issue? Ever use an egg yolk to wash your dreads?

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