dream machine (shroomapoluza) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
dream machine

hi everyone it is marielle here
i need some advice on hair dye and the procedure with dreadlocks
i really need a change
and i am not ready to lose my locks
so i want to change the color or something
i know that dyes have conditioners in them and am afraid that will mess up my locks
i know that dying your hair is a simple task but i really dont have much experience AT ALL
i wanted to know if any of you can recommend any brands( once i can buy at a store such as CVS walgreens or something*not a really expensive one that i can only get online one that i could get at a kmart walmart...you get what im saying)
i need to know what i should do and how to go about it
i know that dye kits have a conditioner for when you are done
am i supposed to not use that?
which brand would be best
thank you for anyone who helps me with this
love, marielle

also i am not speaking of those dyes that are just the dye like "manic panic" or something i am tryign to get information on the loreal clairol or any of those brands that have more of a suttle look to them
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