lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i'm back from trip one of four

this is where i've been the past week.

would you believe that's the backyard to my work building in massachusetts? 'cause it is. WHO'S JEALOUS?

anyhow, on the way home, there was this girl with the most incredible dreads, just sitting there in the airport. she has the sort of dreads that radio_numb will have if she (hilde) lets 'em grow to her waist. yoinks! so i went into SNEAKY SNAPPING PHOTOS WITHOUT LOOKING IN YOUR DIRECTION I AM A SPY mode for you guys.

i wasn't using a flash because of SPY MODE, so i had to do some mediocre image brightening. still, check these out:

when we left the plane, i ran into her in the airport bathroom. i complimented her locks & asked if i could snap a couple photos. she looked at my arms, said i'm obviously an artist, & agreed to my request. i said i hope it's not weird to ask to photograph her in a bathroom. she didn't seem to mind.

both her kids had dreads too, but this was the only one that would pose for me. he didn't seem terribly happy about it, though. neither did miss nosy bitch behind them. :D

enjoy. two plane rides down; eight more to go this summer. har.

UPDATE: she's been identified!

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