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It has been a really long long long time since i have posted but i need a lot of help. Well not really but my dreads do. THe just keep growing out adn ends look really good but i cant keep my roots dreaded. I know that this comes up all the time, but i have read so many different things that i dont know how to put it all together. Is it bad to backcomb your roots after your dreads are already almost a year old (AUG 5 BABY!!!!!) My boyfriend really wants to help me fix them we just need to know the best way to do so. My parents and my boss at work have been giving me a lot of trouble about the way that they are looking right now and i dont want to cut them off but i just dont know what to do. I will do anything i just need to do something. SO if you could please help that would be great. And i will post pictures in about a month for their first birthday!!!!
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