Kawaiinose (kawaiinose) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

I just got home a few hours ago from Chicago. Yesterday was the Intonation Festival and we had wanted to see both Andrew Bird and The Decemberists but it was fucking hot so we only stayed for Andrew Bird. Ah well, it was good to see Andrew Bird at least. We had tried to hire him to play at our wedding two years ago but we didnt have the $4,000 he wanted.
Anyway, there were tons of people at the Festival, and tons of butt crack:

So we put our heads together and realized we really like this community...

Im jealous of her red. I think Im going to employ Lish to help with the red dying (I want it to be this color)

(OMG, 17 year old peirced Chrissy!)

and I think Im going to attempt the radio_numb bangs throughout the next few days here... we'll see how it goes...

Emily bodhi_tree is only the second internet person Ive ever met. Exciting, Exciting. She's really cool and laughed at all of our dumb jokes :)

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