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Please Guys, I Need Some Help...

So i've had my dreads for 20 days now!! I think i've washed 4 times during that time and waxed twice.  I use Knotty Boy wax.  I have been basically following these instuctions:  http://www.dreadheadhq.com/lore/idx/10/069/Dreadlocks_Maintenance/article/What_is_a_good_maintenance_routine.html   I am a bit wary about using too much wax as I have heard horror stories about build up inside the dreads.  I palm roll every dread in the span of two days.  I just do it while watching movies or reading.  I live in Ontario, Canada and were expieriencing super high tempertures right now.  It's also so humid that you can feel the water on your skin the minute you leave your house.  It's horrible:(  SO I palm roll my babies and well in a matter of minutes they are a mess of hair and fuzz.  I can't keep them under control.  I need some idea or advice.  ANY will help.  Is this a normal thing for brand new dreads or is this the stupid weather making my hair crazy?  Also if anyone could tell me how to wrap my hair up so it doesn't look silly it would be great.  Thanks so much guys... 

http://www.livejournal.com/community/dreadlocks/36592.html#cutid1<< that's me when I first got my dreads.

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