Kali (femminology_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

people like getting naked.

i do too, but i like to ask questions better =)

how many folks here attend or will be attending hampshire in the fall?

reason being, because im going to be a freshman there starting in the fall and im really excited and curious as to whether or not ill be chillin with any of you in the upcoming years =)

hah. anyway on to more important matters

i heard from a friend that if you dread up your animal's fur (after it's cut) you can use it to make yarn and knit. i tried dreading it but had to dread it in small sections. so the dreads came out to like...an inch. my dogs' fur is not that long. and i tried sewing it all together but they come apart easily so i decided to just stuff scarves and whatnot with it.

it was such a sight, all those dreads once i was finished with them. so i took pikshers for you folks


ps. i saw the wailers for free! they were playing free concerts in new york city and one of them happened to be in my neighborhood. they gave a shoutout to the dreadheads. =)



and for good measure
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