Ariel (arielhp) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

again on the topic of animal hair dreading (i know, you guys must be sick of it)

but to the people who did:
what kind of animals did you have?

i know it must work with long haired rabbits, cats, and dogs..but anything else?

here, i have one to start it off:
my best friend in 6th grade had this rabbit, i don't remember its name or what breed it was, but it had fluffy soft hair.
this hair had formed HUGE dreads, or more realistically, HUGE matts, making the rabbit look about 3 inches bigger all around than it actually was.
these dreadies where starting to hinder its movement.
so her dad decided to do something about it.
being the odd guyhe was, he put beer on the floor and let the rabbit drink it up.
effectively getting the rabbit drunk.
he then took the rabbit out of its cage and shaved it,removing all its dreads.
sad, but good for the rabbit.
this man continuously threatened to mop his floor with my dreads. once he did pick me up and hold me over a mop bucket, but never didn't dipmy hair, thank god, he did, however, mop his kitchen floor with his youngest daughters hair one day, that was odd to watch.
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