Ariel (arielhp) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

i was at work today, having a generally shitty day, burnt my head on the oven, got scheduled for a bunch of extra days, having a guy come in and start ranting about how the famine and aids epidemic in africa is caused by "the women taking over", just lots of fun stuff, and then i look out into the dining room from my little dishwashing corner, and what do i see? a gorgeous dready girl!

her dreads were all cute and twisty and she had a little black bead in the back, and she was wearing these black glasses with little rhinestones in them! she made me giggle like a little girl.

it made me much happier, i made as many trips out of the kitchen as possible to get more glimpses of her, ah, it just made my day about a million times better. so if you are reading this are you are her, which i highly doubt, (i mean, what are the chances of that?) thanks for stopping my day from being shitty!

p.s. i know you guys must be sick of my posting, sorry.
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