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Well, i have been a member here now for a while and made a few posts a while back but I have yet to post any pictures. But yesterday I gave one of my oldest friends dreads, as far as I can tell they turned out pretty well. There's something about giving the gift of dreads to a friend of 17 years that makes me feel real good. My friend eddie documented the process for us.




Starting the very first dread!

She needed a veggie burger break

She thinks that dread sticking out looks like a penis in this picture. So there is our nudity for you.


All done!

But still more pictures...

thats me

Thats the wonderfull photographer that documented this experiance for us.

the back of my dreads (those ones are the worse and I cant fix them for the life of me)

Again Eddie the photographer and my puppy who is easily the most amazing little puppy in the world. Her name is Emma.


Sorry there were so many pictures... but this was my first time posting pictures, so I guess I made up for lost time.




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