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I'm at the beach almost every day. Because of this, I have a lot of sand in my hair pretty much all the time. I've gotten used to it and it doesn't bother me. So today I went to the beach and I got in a sand fight with my friend. He smashed a bunch of handfulls of sand into the top of my head REALLY HARD and needless to say, I have 1/2 the beach in my hair right now. On the way home from the beach we stopped at Publix to get subs, and when I was standing in line to pay I turned my head upside down and shook it to start getting some of the sand out. TONS of sand started pouring out and it sounded like sprinkles falling on the floor. The lady who was standing in line infront of me turned around, gave me a weird/disgusted look, and actually got out of line and went to another one. Less waiting time for me! So if you ever need to clear out a line somewhere, now you know how ;)
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