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My boyfriend (Michael) is the one who did my dreads.

I think he's been through 3 different generations of dreads on himself.

He took off earlier today for the Gathering... so he has the digital camera with him, so I can't make an update on me until next week sometime... so I figured I'd share pics of HIM with all of you. ;-)

He's cute. You'll like him, I know. ^_^
Lish described him as "impossibly pretty." She is very right (as per usual).
[By the way, that's his favorite compliment ever, Lish.] :-P

I didn't find any pics of his most recent set (which he shaved off back in February-ish, I think? maybe earlier?), but I got lots of pics (in one giant collage) of his other two sets of dreads.

Then there's another collage of his other non-dread hairdos.. He's a sexy beast.
(He's also the reason why you won't be seeing any nudes of me, haha)

Totally work-safe:

Yeah, so please excuse how fucking CHEESY all this is... heh. I was feeling adorable and uber-cutesy whilst collecting all these pics.

ENJOY MY BOYFRIEND.... a non-cheating kind of way, or I'll rip your eyes out and feed them to my demon cat. ;-)

Michael with dreads:

Michael without dreads:

He's dread-less, now... and he told me the other day that he doesn't think he'll have them again any time soon. *shrug*

Now, if you'll excuse me... I think I'm going to make some sushi or something.
I have the strangest craving for wasabi.
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