you wish you knew me like that... (yeaimastoner42o) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
you wish you knew me like that...

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dreads everywhere

so today i went to big summer classic with a bunch of friends. and it was the first time since i got my dreads that i had been to a place where there were so many other dreadheads.
and i came out of it with a whole new love and appreciation for my head of knots. every single set was so diferent and so full of its own choatic beauty that any qualms i had about my babies is now gone. i came home and as soon as i saw them in a mirror i just ssuddenly was hit with this realization of how much my hair has grown and changed in the past 6 months.
sorry im really exhausted and am probably starting to ramble. but i wanted to share my rekindled love before i passed out.

hope everyone had a wonderful fabulous amazing day to match mine. ;*
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