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Hello : ]. I have posted here before, a while back. I got dreads two times... for one week each. See, I always had to change my hair, and comitment scared me. But now i have been growing out my hair, and am finally ready to keep the same hairstyle. I know about memories and stuff, but I had a simple question, (you can skip it if you'd like.) Most importantly I just wanted to share the news that I'm finally getting some dreads! I'm veryveryvery excited.

Question: I have a job at Pet Supplies Plus and I just started about a week ago. I'm going to ask today or tomarrow about their hair policies. I asume they wouldn't care because I already don't brush my hair yet they hired me. But my hair is diiirty, and I'm starting some natural dreads, and plan to help those natural dreads out as they go, I know how dry hair is the best for dreads because it needs to knot, I also have heard tons of places that you shouldn't wash your hair like the first week you get your dreads. So I'm torn, should I wash my hair because it is dirty, or should I just let it be all over the place dirty and suprise my boss haha. It's not very important, just would be a nice to get a little answear.

& the only face shot I have right now

& I just wanted to say that I love this community andddd you are alll soooooooooooooo beautiful.
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