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Three years old? I think?

Heeeeey. I just got back from an interesting vacation to Hawaii and felt like posting up some pictures because it had been awhile. However I haven't gone through organizing my pictures so no real Hawaii ones....yet. I did love seeing all of the dreadlocked people out there and the conversations that were had. I even had the chance to educate a section of this beach we were at because this lady kept asking me questions and before I knew it there were about 8 people feeling 'em up.

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This is the only pic of me I have from the afore mentioned vacation right now. It's crappy quality because it was taken with a phone and my little brother is trying to jump in. Anywho that's from when we went snorkeling and that ocean water felt beyond wonderful in my hair.

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Eating dinner and quite possibly the only normal picture that anyone has ever taken of me. She had the camera at table height and I was completely unaware of what was going on until the flash went off....

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Laughing my ass off because she was trying to get me to smile in a picture.

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Yeah I rolled over because she kept trying to poke me some more.

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This is another one of those pictures that I had no idea what was going on....mostly because I was sleeping.

In other dread related news I met up with cocorollo and dreaded her hair. Yeah I think that took a combined 19 hours over two days to finish her up. That's with both me and the girlfriend brushing...that girl had long hair and wanted them thick.

I'm still in the process of converting sarar (ze girlfriend) over into dreadlocks. I see her everyday and I'm lazy so it's taking awhile for me to complete it, probably about halfway done. I'll try and find some pictures to throw up here too...or she can do it herself because I'm a lazy bastard.
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