somethingzen (somethingzen) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


Here are my dreadlets. They say hello. Photo courtesy of my girlfriend Liz. They have a problem though. They are free of wax because the last time I locked the wax got really gross (I was using knottyboy). They've been knotting pretty fast, but they're getting a lot of loose hairs and unravelling. If I don't do something I'll develop some knotty locks - surrounded in tons of loose hairs. They're only about two weeks old, but I'm trying to raise them right, with values and morals and stuff. Does anybody have any advice on keeping dreadlets tidy and loose hairs down without dipping into the wax? Palmrolling doesn't seem to be doing the trick.

And here's a picture of me. You can't see the unravelling but its happening. Excuse the size, I don't have a camera so I'm just borrowing photos my girlfriend took.

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