lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

dread patching!

heh. this funny fatty dread had a weird dent in it, so i took some loose hair i'd cut last year, rolled it in my palm a bit, & patched it.

(sorry i didn't get a 'before' shot, but rest assured it looked like a big triangular bite had been taken out of the dread.)

i palmrolled to make it fit the dent, then sewed the loose hair edges of the patch directly into the dread. after it settles a little better, it'll get a nice coat of red dye & no one will be the wiser. (except all 1400 of you, that is.)

my first set was "natural", but i wouldn't do that again. i get way too much enjoyment from fucking around with my locks. :D

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