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I'm having my dreadlocks removed at the Knotty Boy salon in Vancouver, either next week or the week after. I haven't been to Vancouver in two years, has anyone been to this salon or one like it? Do you think that having a professional do it instead of, say, my boyfriend, would yield better results?

Let me clarify the situation a little. I've had my dreads for over two years, and I love them to death, but I'm just at one of those thresholds. Ready to shed all this dead weight and be freed of it. Ready to leave all those heavy, old thoughts behind. You know? It's been a great journey and I would wish it upon everyone if I could, I grew so much and learned so much. But the person I am now, the way I see myself, is without dreads. I want to move on from who I wanted to be and what I believed in when I was 17. I am 100% sure that this is what I want, and I've been waiting for an opportunity to get them out for a long time.

Anyway, all my friends who got rid of their dreadlocks did it on their own with a bunch of conditioner. I know that's possible, but it takes a long damn time and I just have faith that someone trained to do this will be better at it. The cost is not an issue. I just want feedback from anyone who's been to a dreadlock salon or had their dreads removed.

I miss them already. But I'm ready for whatever's coming my way when they're gone.

At 6 months or so:

9 months?:

At a year:

Last November:

I really don't have a recent picture of myself, but they're still black and um, probably 4 inches past my shoulders, very tight and very thick.

I forgot to mention that my main goal is to save as much length as possible, if not all of it. Also, I forgot to mention that they're all-natural... started by simply not brushing my hair.
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