gypsy weaver (the_fairy) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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so everyday im finding that im having to brush out little forming dreads from my hair. im so tempted to just stop brushing my hair and take the plunge. im still having my continuous doubts about having dreads, but then i see so many beautiful people with dreads (i just went to berkeley and telegraph street), and it makes me want them so badly. the problem is i want my dreads to be some what neat, so i thought that back combing would be a better way to go than just letting them go wild, but i do not think anyone would like to be back combing my hair (it's pretty long). so what do you guys think? and do you have any advice on dreading the natural way? how many times should i wash my hair, and with what soap? how long do you think it will take for all of them to dread? thanks.
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