ms_mama_n (ms_mama_n) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Yo-yo carzy dreadheads....
I thought i would do a lil PLUG...

starting Aug. 05 2005 till aug 08 2005
a lovley lil tech festival for all you tech/house/drum n bass/trance of all kinds lovers
There of course is always the day time events of all other genras of musical tastes. (there better be jazz *shakes fist*)
join in on the wonderful wedding (with a pimp and ho theme)on Saturday 11am

The party takes place just outside of Moosejaw, SK, canada
check out the info on the website and hopefully you can attend

now my dread question....
I had a few hairs that just missed the dread bus and forgot to get
anyhow....i tried sewing them into the dread, and alot of them just fell out (i did palmroll a few times)
when i sew, do i crisscross through the dread?
i just wrapped the loose hair with thread and pulled it through.

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