chapina2588 (chapina2588) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Why hello knotted community! I am planning on dreading my hair in the next 2 weeks or so...I have a few questions:

1. My hair is pretty thick, and my hair reaches to about the middle of my back...I know dreading it will take forever, but I kinda want an estimate on how many hours it will take...basically what I'm asking is how long did it take to dread your hair?

2. I'm not really up to buying a kit off-line, but I want to know if getting a kit will give me nice dreads or if it really doesn't matter.

3. A friend of mine has dreads, he said that when he first got them, he didn't wash them for a few weeks. When should the ideal time be for me to wash my hair?

4. Is it a neccesity to wax my hair? When, and basically how should I do it...if I need to?

Those are just a few questions I had. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thank have no idea how exited I am.
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