cassie (zoi) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

mold or lint? help!

ok, i've been avoiding this issue for a while, and telling myself that i did not have mold in my hair.. and that it was just.. "pocket lint." (how pocket lint would end up in my hair i don't know... but anyway)

i need your assessment on whether or not this mess in my locks is........... *gulp*............ MOLD.

.. aaaaaaaaaand.. if it IS mold.. how the HELL do i get rid of it??

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Image hosted by

the only way to see the stuff is if i unfold the lock and expose the inside. the interesting thing.. the only places i can find it are places that the lock is TWISTED, not dreaded, which i did over a year ago thinking it would wake them tight.. and i pulled the dread through itself multiple times. big fucking mistake. not only does the hair never dread.. it harbors this shit!

the only place you can see it without pulling at it til you see the middle is this lock (which is also infested with loose hair, but i don't mind that part so much):

Image hosted by

you can barely see it towards the middle of the pic, and yes, that's a part that was once twisted..

some stats about my hair: i wash it every 1-2 months, sometimes waiting even longer inbetween. they always air dry, but i leave them down and loose until they are completely dry. i've had them for about a year and a half. i wear a shower cap in the shower, so they rarely get wet in the first place. i dont use wax. and my dreads are skinny skinny.

Image hosted by well, by the looks of that pic they seem to have fattened some.... well anyway...

do i have to cut them? is there some sort of soak i can do.. (i think there was a post about mold and vinegar, but its not in the memories and it was a while back..) ... anything? i'll do ANYTHING to keep my locks.

oh, and i just got a new camera, and i really like it, it has a lot of capabilities, but i'm still learning how to use it so excuse the silly camera techniques. it wasnt easy to split my dreads open and take a close up of it with only two hands, ill tell ya!
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