down4dakrown (down4dakrown) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

newbie :P

hi everybody..i have read here occasionally and now finally have dreads myself..2 weeks old now..and i love em...i have some questions though...i didnt wash my hair for the first week and then 2 times in the second that too much..too little..just right? i heard every 2-4 that about right? also..i was wondering everybodys thoughts on wax and if i do continue to wax my hair when is a good time to wax *after washing and drying them...or on a day i dont wash them..or what?* and i heard it was good to dunk them in salt water and i go out to venice beach often*well before i moved from phoenix to albuquerque atleast* but i just got back from venice beach and after playin in the ocean they felt sooo tight and looked awesome after dryin out in that cali would sea salt soaks be a good idea? i guess thats about it...any other advice would be great..and i will post some pictures a little later..gotta get goin now...but thanks in advance for everybodys tips and whatnot

*think peace*
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