AutumnHawk (autumnhawk) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Dread tying

Those of you who have dreads long enough to tie up, I want to pick your brains. Please tell me any and all interesting ways you have to put your dreads up, or back, or wherever. I've seen a lot of cool styles on dreadheads, but have a hard time figuring out how to simulate some of them. What I'm looking for is ideas, and real details.

For instance, the very basic way I put my dreads back is to pull them into a ponytail. I then take the dreads at the bottom of the ponytail and wrap them each in different directions around the base of the ponytail and tie them together in a knot. They're now long enough that they can go around several times, and sometimes I do that.

That's pretty basic and boring, but I'm just looking for other things I can do, and how to do them. Thanks.
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