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Hey -

OK. So, I bought myself a dread starter kit from KnottyBoy. It arrived yesterday, so I did my dreads the same day. It took 3 hours [I'm guessing it was so quick, because I've got extremely thin and straight hair].

Now, I was wondering what I should do to the dreads today [and for the next week or so]. Should I backbrush them again? Should I put more wax on? I also bought myself a maintenence kit for new locks which contains a tightening spray or gel [I don't remember] - should I use that?

They just don't seem to be locking so nicely - especially at the top. I know it's the first day and all, but I would have expected them to be a bit more knotted. Someone else asked the same question a few hours ago, and you said it would help if there were pictures. So here they are. Thank you!!


top-back [my hair isn't really green, it's the light I swear]

I guess I should add that I only put about a pinky nail's size amount of wax on each dreadlock... Which to me didn't seem like a lot, considering my pinky nails are relatively small
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