Sarah Lyn (sarar) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Sarah Lyn

don't worry, I checked the memories first :op

I think someone posted about using apple cider vinegar and baking soda on their dreads awhile back but I can't find it and I've looked in the memories but I didn't see anything about it.  I know the ACV is fine to use but what about baking soda?  will it get stuck in them and make my head all covered with gritty goo or will it disolve with the water and ACV?  I asked in naturalliving  but they said ask to ask here which I was going to do anyway if I didn't get good answers from them.

oh, and I have shampoo leftovers that I'm wondering if I can use.  it's avalon organics tea tree mint treatment shampoo (ingredients on that page to the right).  There aren't any SLSs in it but I wasn't sure if the methylpropylparabens would count as residues thus making it not a residue free dread friendly shampoo.  I just figured I'd use it up if I could. pictures today, people.

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