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Dread Stylez

A couple people have been asking questions about different ways to do their hair. I don't have many pictures, but I thought maybe I'd show a few:

This picture is old. My dreads are about... 2 years old here and I had them in french braids. I really liked this look, but I found when i did them tight, I'd get headaches.
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This picture is from last week at the local pub. I just have my hair in regular pigtail braids.
Image hosted by

This picture was taken about 8 months ago... so my dreads are over three years old. I dyed the under dreads a burgandy red, and its kind of fading in this picture. When I washed my dreads, i braided them three to a braid while they were still wet. 12 hours later, I took my dreads out, and I got this great crimpy look. This is what i do when I need to look a little more stylish than normal, or I'll do this and then pull half of them up into a loose bun.
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