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One baby dready

So I was at Waffle house at god awefult thirty in the morning the other night and suddenly realized I was holding a bitty dread!

I'm not sure how I absentmindedly did this, but seeing as how I (well, lish et al) plan on doing the whole head in 20 days (!). I gave it a bit o' TLC and figured I'd see how it does. Its been about 5 days and I've had to take care of my not yet dreaded hair so its been subjected to every other day washings and a bit o' conditioner. This pic was taken about five minutes ago though and i think it bodes pretty well for my soon to be new dreads. Theres a good bit of loose hair at the top, but the rest is rediculously tight until the loose little end. I guess my hair is just begging for dreads. sweet.

yikes my neck looks deformed! I'm really just turning it waaaayyyy to the side to take the pic.
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