the ill (ohhgollyy) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
the ill

hey my names ilyse, and i've been watching this community forever. i am amazed by all of your dreads they are all so beautiful, keep up the awesome work :] i am looking at getting dreads somewhere in the near future.. and i have a few questions for all of you.

okay, i need to know whether or not i should get them done professionally, two of my good friends have told me to do that, or i could have my friends do them (and they are awesome at it, pictures are down there)

and i would be doing the half & half for now, cause i love that look and my bangs :]
would wax be good to use, and how soonw ould i have to not wash my hair or whatever the prep is ?

its a bad picture, but here is the length.

this is my beautifullllll boyfriend:

and here are some of my friends with dread locks:

jan at creedance clearwater

me and dave, on the right.

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