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so, it's friday, right?
and on friday, if humanly possible, no one should work!
but alas, i was stuck at work all day, and completely unmotivated to be productive (...which is almost everyday, not just friday....)

anyhoooooooooooooooooooooooo, i brought in pictures of my "gravity defying dreads". unfortunately, most of these were taken after i had gone running, so they're a bit droopy and sweaty, but, they're still pretty perky.

we'll start with the normal photo that i didn't fuck with:

i can not wrap them in a bun
but who cares?

i've always been a bit fruity.

yeh, that's right. and these are DROOPY!

...this is proof my lj friends need to update more often....

alright, now i promise not to bug anyone till at LEAST monday. ;) have a great weekend folks!
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