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Family reactions?

So, I'm home from college for the weekend. My fledgling dreads are about 2.5 months old and still look pretty shitty but decent. I have them in pigtails today, which for me is the most groomed-looking style I've got at the moment. It's the first time my parents have seen them, and I didn't tell them about it ever before. My dad doesn't really care, but my mom has just officially shat her pants over it.

"Is that why you wore a bandanna last time we saw you?" she asks.
"Yup." and I of course can't keep a straight face about it because it's just goddamn HAIR, but she has this ghastly look.
"Well, you're not going to have it much longer."
"Yeah, uhm, I am. As long as I want them."
"Joanna Schmoe from church has them. Hers look a lot better, though."
"I don't care who else has them."
"Well, WHY did you do that?"
"Erm, because I wanted to...and things..." (she wouldn't understand my reasonings at all)
::evil mum shakes head::
"Does work let you wear your hair like that?"
"Um, work doesn't care."

And she's been terribly mean to me since.

I mean, I don't really like her at all and rarely have to see her, but it's still somewhat trying to be looked at with disapproval EVERY time she sees me, just because my hair's a little different.

So I guess why I'm posting is... Have any of you had similar bad reactions? How did you deal with it? Have your parents/family calmed down about it?
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