xox☆SkaBadger★xox (skademon) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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:( grr

im getting sooooo self concious.....
at the front of my head theres a kind of balding bit, like a T-shape going inbetween the front two dreads and then behind them...its just a very widened parting....
i hate it i hate it i hate it, i dunno what to dooooo :(
plus it makes my parents give me more hassle about "go to the hairdressers get your hair back properly"
i dont want "proper" hair i want dreads......but i dont wana go bald!! :(
and where iv been messin wif it tryin 2 make it better and snapping some hairs ive got a lame sore bit , ouch :(
still lovin ma phatties tho :) my back dreads rule, my front ones just suck :/
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