just cuz you feel it, doesnt mean its there. (bluemoment) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
just cuz you feel it, doesnt mean its there.

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i started some dreads on the back of my head like a month ago, they knotted up quite well but the front pieces are being a bitch and take alot of maintenance.

i decided to do mine naturally, no wax or anything, considering i am too broke to afford those luxuries anyways. i used a wool sweater to start them,now i just backcomb, and wash with dr. bronners twice a week or so. on the days i dont use the dr. bronners, i mix up sea salt, warm water and a few drops of lavender essence and spray it on my head. i am actually quite glad i have opted to do them naturally, it is learning me a lesson in patience, which i desperately am in need of.

yesterday my mom had some friends visiting us. i was sitting on the floor backcombing my hair and my moms friend says to me, 'wow..are you doing dreads?' and i said, 'yeah' and he said, 'wow...like home made ones??' and it just totally cracked me up.

have a great day all
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