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need your thoughts

update:im not cutting them :) thank you all for your wonderful word!

i am giving alot of thought to cutting my locks off .
im torn about it . they are looking great to me , are getting long , and i should be super content with them .. but i need/want a change and just keep thinking about cutting them .
one thing stopping me from just doing it is having ugly chopped of hair !
that "transition hair" .
also my weight is another thing . having a fat face and short hair -hrm?

but beyond the physical dislikes of cutting them , i also have some attachment to them . these are the first locks i grew ( i have had them 3 times ) that it wasn't about pride or style. it was just that i feel at home with locks .
i hate to cut them in their prime of growth , just as they are taking on shape,length, and all that good stuff..
but (big butt-lol)
i feel like i need a change , i don't want to keep them for the wrong reasons or cut them for the wrong reasons ..
all in all , it is just hair but it does bare some importance ..

so here are some photo's of "transition hair i've had:
click to see the photos
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