Julia Gulia (facadesbanned) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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lock jobs!

i am back from my first week in college and i have already had many dread-full experiences! i was looking for a job in detroit and walked to this place i'd heard of, and watched as a beautiful woman in long pink dreads walked in to work. eeep!

so i applied and then ate lunch there, requested her section. she thought that was awesome, bought me a chai tea, and we chatted about our dreads and such. then she said she'd recommend me to her boss. therefore now there is a very good possibility that i may get hired there, at a busy place with tons of scrumptious vegetarian food!

i thought i'd post because it was exciting to find that you can land nice service jobs and still be a "hippie" or "freak" or whatever label seems to arise when describing you and your dreads.

btw, any detroiters out there?
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