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Meet up! Boston Edition!

So i sent out another e-mail. Here it be

Hello again,

Ok so it seems that The best weekend all around was October 7th through 9th. Basically there's no-one who said that that wasn't a bad weekend. Or so i recall. :)

Here's a running list of who's coming so far: Dark_Goddess, Arielhp, m13, thecatdoesdrugs, mstakenforstars, brokenmechanism, tigerbell, and jojofaerie. So 8's a good number i think. If there's anyone i left out please let me know/forward them this e-mail.

As for what we're doing, We should meet up in the commons. I don't think it'll be too hard to find most of us. And then once we start gathering it'll make it easier and easier to find each other. I'm thinking we should meet up around 4ish on the 7th(friday)? We can all meet each other and get supper together or something. As for saturday we can decide that friday night unless anyone has any great ideas right now. m13 (molly) was saying that there's a few shops that sell dreads accessories, and i know i'll want to check it out. :)

So that's the idea right now. I'll be posting this on LJ as well. Leave a comment there or message me back with any ideas, concerns, issues, etc.


PS: Summary:
Friday - Meet in commons around 4 - 4:30ish, head off for supper/coffee, maybe plan for the next day.
Saturday - Random fun!

PPS: Sorry if this sounds like i'm trying to over plan things, i don't mean to. It's just that I'm not really one to usually do something like this. And have no real idea what i'm doing. :)

oh whomever this e-mail belongs to my e-mail wouldn't let me send this e-mail to you. i probally have a typo in there somewhere:
Rel @ planet-save . com
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