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4 MONTHS! : )

Hello kiddies, i posted here about four months ago back when i first got my synth dreads put in - the good news are that most of my natural hair is now automatically growing into natural dreads, bad news are that some of them arnt as tight as my synth locks, there are a couple of ways i can use to tighten them up:

1. wax.

2. sewing.

3. knitting (with a crochet needle) - i tried it on a couple of dreads and it worked fine but didnt last very long..

so... help?

Some mug shots taken before i went to work about 4 days ago..

title or description

title or description

title or description

I would also love some suggestions for kool updos or hairstyles for super long dreads, mine reach down a little past my weistline, so theres not too much stuff to do with them..

Pics will be mostly appriciated.. ^_^


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