iheartrem (iheartrem) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

3 months.

To most people, they probably look the same as they did a month ago, but I can tell a lot of difference. Around 2 months and a week, I started feeling my roots get matted up at the base of each dread. Now I've even got some starting to grow together. It's crazy. So if you've got fine hair and you've just started your dreads, don't worry about it, b/c they do get better, and they do start doing what they're supposed to. They've still got a long time before they start looking really good, though. I still think they look like crap in the back, but I don't really care as much. I like them and they make me happy, no matter what my mother says. I'm planning on bleaching them sometime, so I'll at least look like the dumb blonde I really am..no offense, blonde people.

My boyfriend told me a little while back that he used to have waist-length dreads for about a year and a half (unfortunately, this was before I met him). He wants to grow his hair out and dread it again. I'll try to get some pics of him.

Good days, all.
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