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i dyed my hair todaaaaay.

i used Hennaplus Auburn, and it'll last for about 3 months. i wanted to go for Warm Red at first but i might do that one next time. it was a bit *too* bright..

oh yeah, my sister did all the dying dillio & sorta messed up near the roots. after i rinsed out everything i noticed i had partly undyed tips, which were also kinda spotted (i like to call them my leopard spots :D), but i used a leftover hennadye (Hazelnut) in an attempt to cover them up. it didn't really work out though. next time i'll make sure to use at least 2 tubes, my locks were far too thick for just 1 tube :/


this is the stuff we were supposed to put on my hair

leopard spots :D

obligatory lookat-my-spunky-new-colour-face
(i'm far too pale to be pulling off a dark colour like this actually)

le back:

i know they look messy & probably like a dye-job that went horribly wrong but i couldn't care less. i like it a lot. it'll fade out after a couple of months anyway, i can experiment with colours all i like :D

c'est tout xx
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