hurricane emily (bodhi_tree) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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dread extensions.

i really want to do them, i'm tired of my short locks. but i have no idea where to even start.

where do i get human hair to make the extensions?

how do i then turn it into dreads? (it doesn't seem like you could do it the same and regular locks, because there's no attachment point from which to pull...)

how do i attach them? (i found this link, but i tried it once before and it didn't work well at all. maybe i did something wrong.)

ahhhh i am just so in love with long locks, and carly really inspired me to do something about it. and i know i can do it myself, since she did. but i have no idea where to begin!

or, do any of you amsterdam people have any experience in this? and could maybe help me out if i came up there some weekend?

also, because no one likes text only, here is a picture that someone took back home. i wish i could have been there and met that guy... what awesome locks.

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