adora fedora (alasin) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
adora fedora

I've been thinking of cutting of my dreads all week. I've had dreads for almost two whole years and before that I had tangled curly half-dreaded street urchin hair and I'm terrified that I won't recognize myself without them. I guess I'm just thinking outloud here but any advice/past experience stories would be helpful.

Reasons to cut off my dreads:

1) I miss hair
2) my head hurts from having such heavy dreads (they are thin but many in number) and I don't like how they look down so I wear them up alot, which just hurts more.
3) I don't feel as though I look like I feel. If that makes any sense. And the only thing I can change about my face is my hair.

Reasons not to cut off my dreads:

1) they are pretty tight, so I will have very very very short hair. Which will give me a pretty tough punkish look which might make it hard to get jobs (harder then with dreads because I could just put them up in a proper looking bun and no one would blink)
2) what if I regret it!? I will look even less like I feel and I won't be able to fix it for MONTHS!!
3) I have very curly hair, so if I have short hair it is going to be curly and insane.
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