Cass-Cass the Great (hkitsune) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Cass-Cass the Great

Okay, so I'm thinking about getting dreads.
Gotta wait until I've graduated from high school, of course, but that's only nine months away.

Now, things I suppose you need to know:

1) I wash my hair EVERY NIGHT. Are you not allowed to do this if you have dreads?
2) I never EVER use product; I comb it and then I let it air-dry. Or I towel-dry it. It's not expected that I use much more product than just shampoo, right? And for the record, I condition maybe half the time I shampoo, and my hair's in absolutely virgin shape. I've never dyed it or bleached it, and I don't have dandruff or anything.
3) My hair is kind of funny.

It's kind of bushy and ratty and frizzy. Can I just...let it be this way? Like I don't have to get it under control or anything before I decide to get it all messy, do I? I can just basically not touch my hair?

Like, it's an okay texture and stuff, right?
It's not fine--I have pretty thick hair, all things considering.

Thing is, I only want three dreads.
I don't HAVE to do my whole head, right? 'cuz that would be insane. I really only want them on like, the side of my head, kind of towards the back.

Sound like fun?

And should I trust the brother of a friend? Or should I see if my hairdresser has some sort of crazy connections? I'm almost worried he'd be terrified if I told him I wanted dreads, haha.

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