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Another thing about my ordeal with my work and dreads:

My HR Manager said she loves the nataive america culture, but if she were to wear fringed leather jackets, etc people would wonder what she was doing... (???)

AND she said that my old manager, Rob who quit right before I got my dreads, came to her office saying he was uncomfortable with my dreads, but I got them after he quit. Isn't that odd that she said that?

I think I might quit... I have 28 hours here, 15 credits at school, an internship plus maybe another and my almost four year old... I got tons of financial aid money and the internship is paid.

So how can I got about this... ? Any suggestions in regards to legal actions?

Also, she said we aren't allowed to wear scarves in our hair... the only thing it says about your hair in the employee book is "Hairstyles are expected to be in good taste."
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