lish (lishd) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

while i was in CA

ok, so nocreamcorn & dk both bailed for various reasons, & i never did hear from whatshisface dyed-blonde-guy who posted the other day, but i indeed started dreads on kattlady last week. yesterday i sent her the photos i took, so you kids should expect a post from her soon. if you get a chance to hang out with her, do so, 'cause she made some of the best fucking cookies i've had in ages. DID YOU HEAR THAT, KATIE? OMG TASTY.

anyhow, there was a blacklight in the bathroom at my friends' place in CA, & for no particular reason, i flipped it on. well whaddya know - no one told me that SFX nuclear red is blacklight reactive. so my head's all vivid-bright & stuff & i started giggling & then everyone had to pile into the bathroom with me to look at my glowing stupid raver dreads.

i was able to snag some photos using the "candlelight" setting on my camera; ideally, a tripod is used with this setting, so the photos are a bit blurry, but y'all can deal with it. & i last redyed in early july - imagine how crazy-raver-bright it'd be had the dye been fresh! cripes. anyhow, pics:


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