Fortunes Fool (_afton_) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Fortunes Fool

omg omg omg

ok... so.... i've sorta half-assedly done this in the past, never with any noticable results...

but today I washed my hair (weekly), and after washing it with dreadheadhq's dreadsoap (been using it for almost 9 months... i looooooove it)
I palmrolled them while still in the shower, so they were SOAKING wet while I was rolling them.
I really squeezed hard while rolling them, especially in *lumpy* spots.....

and ok, so usually when i get out of the shower my dreads are a little smaller, but poof up after a while when they dry.

they didn't this time! they're SO much harder, and the lumpy spots that I rolled turned into straight dreads and stayed that way.

I heard someone mention it once a long time ago and thought to myself "hmm.. well i've tried that and it didn't really do anything"

but it worked today, I think because i rolled really hard and spent like a minute or two straight rolling each dread.

i'm seriously in awe about hoy much some of my dreads have changed.

it's kinda coooooool....

well, have fun if you want to try it, if you don't, don't!


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