dream machine (shroomapoluza) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
dream machine

anyone here cut off their dreads, ever, ? id really liek to see some pictures of people who used to have ddreads and then removed them or cut them and what styles they did with their hair, i have been thinking for the past month about no longer having my locks, i am evolving in many ways andi feel my hair is holding me back from certain thingd( not that i dont love them) but i do believe it is time for them to go, i am super nervous about making the decision ( even though i only have half a head of locks left) about taking out the 2 years of the locking process, i am scared of regret, and of change, but its going to be a huge step in my life of discovery

so anyoen who had dreads that cut them ( even if you re dreaded- later in life) and could post some pics, or would like to share about your shedding it would be comforting and awesome

picture=-Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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